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Guardianwatch: Day three

A bit of a follow up on yesterday’s post. It was probably a bit rich of me to assume that the Guardian might pay attention to tweets to their account stating that they were citing incorrect information. Just to be … Continue reading

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Is the Guardian deliberately misreporting the tax gap?

You don’t need to have done any journalism professionally to be aware that any question in a headline is usually answered in the negative. But I’ve seen two articles in the Guardian now which cite the figure of £32bn as … Continue reading

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Staying on top of depression

I am writing this blog in Word on my laptop on the train. I keep forgetting to disable the link between WordPress, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Now done!) Whilst I’m open about this stuff and want to blog on it, I’m … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Justice for Taxes Network:
As I have said, Neoliberalism moves in dark mysterious ways. Until recently it feels like I have been living underground, eating from a can and running away from things I don’t understand.…

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A quick thank you…

… to those people who evidently read my blog about depression. Despite the fact that it had not one single paragraph break in it. Truly impressed that you were capable of reading that through to the end. But, a genuine … Continue reading

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A bit more on depression

I thought it would be worth saying that I have received a few messages of support regarding my couple of posts on depression. And that’s a high proportion of people who have read those blogs! Thank you. I really appreciate … Continue reading

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Risk and depression

Earlier, I blogged about the nature of risk, with a slight reference to IR35. I guess I was probably thinking a bit about my second blog yesterday. That is, talking about depression a bit. Saying something applies to you and … Continue reading

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Poker and IR35

It was a couple of years ago that I heard a speaker at a dinner put on by the East Midlands Development Agency. His name was Caspar Berry. He’s a really interesting guy, having started out life as an actor … Continue reading

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An unintended blog

Ignorance is bliss. It wasn’t until I clicked on my name on Christie Malry’s blog that I realised the link was to this blog.  I started it a while back and lost interest. It was hardly a New Year’s resolution, … Continue reading

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Ethically dubious

I’ve been a bit overly busy to actually write a blog recently. Thanks to Christie Malry for reminding me I have one… One of the things that I thought I might put here is a little response to the remark made … Continue reading

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