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The Knobe effect

I hadn’t heard of the Knobe effect before. Or experimental philosophy, for that matter. But I found this article to be a fascinating read: The Ironic Success of Experimental Philosophy Now, the Knobe Effect is of interest to me for … Continue reading

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Penny off a pint fallacy…

I always thought that Chancellors were supposed to make the most of cuts whilst glossing over rises. Instead, George Osborne, managed to get a tax cut recognised at a quarter of its value. We will now scrap the beer duty … Continue reading

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Self-employed NICs hike? I hope not… Or do I?

Looking through some of the predictions for Budget 2013, I see a few people mentioning the prospect of self-employed businesses being subject to an increase in National Insurance Contributions. I understand the rationale for this being related to the introduction … Continue reading

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Starbucks and country-by-country reporting

The piece about Vince Cable supporting the idea of country-by-country reporting in The Telegraph was curious. In it, Cable basically suggested that Starbucks hadn’t done anything wrong by saying that they’d got “a good story” and are one of “those … Continue reading

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“A man treats h…

“A man treats his own faults as original sin and supposes them scattered everywhere with the seed of Adam. He supposes that men have then added their own foreign vices to the solid and simple foundation of his own private … Continue reading

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