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The PAC is just an echo chamber…

I feel I ought to be outraged about the Public Account Committee’s report on the role of the Big 4 accountancy firms in tax avoidance. For some reason I’m not. I think it’s just the inevitability of the outcome. The … Continue reading

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Tax is state-sponsored theft is a reasonable view apparently

I had a bit of a read of the GAAR guidance yesterday and I was relatively unsurprised with what was in there. It seems straightforward to me, but there are a few areas of concern. The first is the attempt … Continue reading

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Stupid Sunday morning TV debate: Is it ever moral to celebrate the death of anyone?

No. Of course it isn’t. It is never moral to celebrate somebody’s death. Ever. It might be understandable, and it might be forgivable in certain circumstances, but it is never moral. The Big Question? I think not.

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Random Starbucks rant

I haven’t had too much time recently so I’ve not blogged… But I saw this a little while back: The Tax Dodgers “database”. Of course, I had to have a read… Reading through the Starbucks bit I saw the same … Continue reading

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