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The Fair Tax Mark fails the maths test

The maths at the heart of the Fair Tax Mark is broken. Richard Murphy has stated with regards to the mathematical errors made in the Fair Tax Mark: the maximum likely distortion either way is one mark, at most This is … Continue reading

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Destruction testing the Fair Tax Mark

I’ve been having a bit of a play with the central calculation of the Fair Tax Mark which determines whether a company pays a fair rate of tax. I call it the Fair Tax Mark Random Number Generator (FTMRNG). Despite Richard Murphy’s … Continue reading

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Starbucks tax avoidance: the story so far….

Starbucks is back in the news for having kept their promise to pay corporation tax. I’ve written quite a lot on this and I don’t think I pieced it together. So here goes… The first thing is that the discussions … Continue reading

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How to improve your Fair Tax Mark by abusing the tax system

I didn’t realise this the other day, but the example I produced shows something quite amusing.   The Fair Tax Mark campaign argues that disregarding deferred tax is necessary on account of some businesses unfairly deferring tax liabilities this way. … Continue reading

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If Fair Tax Mark is mainly about transparency, cut out the flawed analysis on tax rate

I thought I might just put a thought that occurred to me regarding the all the excitement from yesterday. If I have missed the point and focused on some blatant errors in an unimportant part of their methodology, the Fair … Continue reading

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Fair Tax Mark

Originally posted on Andrew Jackson:
Richard Murphy has launched a new campaign, the Fair Tax Mark, which rates UK retailers on tax and transparency measures. I have some concerns about the methodology – it only looks at corporation tax, it…

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Does this example regarding the Fair Tax Mark make sense?

I’ve been having an interesting chat about the arguments in favour of removing deferred tax from the consideration in the Fair Tax Mark method. Personally, I think it can seriously distort the results and thought an illustration of the principle … Continue reading

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Fair Tax Mark? I really don’t think so…

I decided to have a bit of a look at the methodology behind the Fair Tax Mark today. I’ve only spent an hour looking at it but I have to say that it really isn’t very representative of… well… anything … Continue reading

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More on tax, relativism and morality

I had an interesting, if disjointed, discussion with Richard Murphy on his blog regarding what appears to be his insistence that moral values are all relative and subjective. Essentially, he denies that any moral absolutes are possible. I find this … Continue reading

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Tax avoidance and bit of ethical inconsistency?

I always like a proper discussion about morality, so I had a bit of a read of Richard Murphy’s post on tax avoidance and ethics today. It has to be said that I found his viewpoint a bit of a contrast … Continue reading

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