Fair Tax Mark

Andrew Jackson

Richard Murphy has launched a new campaign, the Fair Tax Mark, which rates UK retailers on tax and transparency measures.

I have some concerns about the methodology – it only looks at corporation tax, it assumes wrong-doing unless strong evidence to the contrary is presented, it takes no account of materiality, and it ignores (or misunderstands) deferred tax.

But putting them to one side for the moment, a bigger issue I have is that it seems to have a mismatch between what it wants to tackle and what it’s actually doing.

Ben Saunders has made a number of criticisms which I think are very pertinent, to which Murphy has responded in a long blog post on the Fair Tax site.  Picking a few interesting quotes from Murphy out of that posting, I find a worrying trend:

“We are not seeking to record behaviour within the system as it is. We are seeking to…

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I'm a Chartered Tax Adviser and a freelance writer. This is my personal blog about, well, mainly taxation. I might put other stuff in. Who knows.
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