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Fair Tax Mark starts looking for consensus after all…

Following my piece in Economia, Richard Murphy denounced me as an enemy of free speech for suggesting trying to build a bit of consensus and then the Fair Tax Mark began openly looking for consensus over its methodology… Overall, I’m … Continue reading

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One half of a conversation with Richard Murphy

This is my response to Richard Murphy’s latest comment: Richard, you are a riot! How you get an endorsement from that comment is beyond me. Especially when I am quite explicit in my response to Alex about what I agree with … Continue reading

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Thanks for the comments regarding the Fair Tax Mark debate

I’m still amused from Richard Murphy’s post from Monday for being accused of oppressing freedom of speech. I am also very grateful for those who have stood up for some of the things I was trying to explain in the … Continue reading

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Any bias will do?

Richard Murphy’s blog post yesterday about my piece in Economia on the Fair Tax Mark was a bit of an odd one. I must say, I never thought that anybody could regard an attempt to encourage communication as an attack … Continue reading

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Thanks to Economia!

Thanks to Economia for publishing my piece on the Fair Tax Mark. I’ve had some very good responses to it so far. Just in case this never sees the light of day, a while ago I posted this reply to Richard … Continue reading

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Tax, the Guardian and state subsidy for political influence?

Here’s an “interesting” snippet of legislation: CTA 2010, s 44 (1)     Relief under section 37 is not available for a loss made in a trade unless for the loss-making period (see section 37(3)(a)) the trade is carried on— (a)     on … Continue reading

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Fair Tax Mark fails by its own standards

Here’s a great little excerpt from the Fair Tax Mark Methodology document:  “To appraise this current effective tax rate we use an averaging method, considering six years of accounts in the process (using as our sample three sets of accounts and their comparative … Continue reading

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Fair Tax Mark: unprofitable = unfair?

Here’s a company that has struggled in the recession. It’s made losses and has returned to profitability. There are no other adjustments to the taxable profit. Just by using its trading losses (as intended by Parliament and as considered perfectly … Continue reading

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Fair Tax Mark campaign to congratulate Tesco?

I thought that the Fair Tax Mark campaign’s press release on Tesco was a very quick response to Tesco releasing their 2013 annual report last week. It turns out I was wrong. The Fair Tax Mark press release was actually out of … Continue reading

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Fair Tax Mark – spot the difference competition

I’ve spent a bit of time destruction testing the Fair Tax Mark. If it is to be used as a fair methodology, it needs to produce fair results in all situations. One way of showing an ineffective method is putting … Continue reading

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