Stuck on page 1 of the tax morality debate?

I’m bored by people throwing the word “moral” into stories about taxation. Not because I don’t find morality or taxation interesting, but because people get no further than asserting that something is immoral or moral. And that’s it.

There is a lot more to be discussed beyond dismissive relativist arguments such as “morality is just a matter of opinion”.

So, if anybody is interested in a bit of self-education and actually furthering the “morality” debate regarding taxation, here is a fantastic resource: edx – free courses from MIT, Harvard University, Berkeley , etc…

There is a course (now finished but materials are still available) on Justice which covers, I believe, much of the key moral theory which may be applicable to taxation.

About Ben Saunders

I'm a Chartered Tax Adviser and a freelance writer. This is my personal blog about, well, mainly taxation. I might put other stuff in. Who knows.
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