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I'm a Chartered Tax Adviser and a freelance writer. This is my personal blog about, well, mainly taxation. I might put other stuff in. Who knows.

GAAR penalties and stretching analogies about electric fences…

I initially wrote this as a comment to Jolyon Maugham’s post on increased penalties for the GAAR. It got a bit long so I thought I’d just let the pingback suffice… Whilst I think there is a certain justice in … Continue reading

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What is “tax risk”?

I’ve seen a bit spoken about “tax risk” recently. It seems to me that there is a bit of chopping and changing over what is meant. Just for reference, here is what I reckon is meant by the term. I … Continue reading

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… and some fantastic double counting…

In my earlier post, I suggested that there was some dodgy use of data in Richard Murphy’s latest report. On that theme, have a look at figures 26 and figures 26a of his report. It’s one of the first places I … Continue reading

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Some fantastic doublethink here…

Couldn’t help but laugh at this: The EU actually, on average and before bad debt and criminal attacks in both cases, thinks the UK has a lower tax gap than HMRC does, but the trend is very different. The marked … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy? Surely not…

This is from Richard Murphy’s post which flounders in trying to reconcile Fair Tax Mark’s consideration of obtaining EIS relief for investors: But let me go back to Nick James’s point: whilst the law is as it is you sometimes have to … Continue reading

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Can accountants be trusted?

“Can accountants be trusted?” Erm, undeniably yes…. Many people trust accountants. Therefore, they are demonstrably capable of being trusted. QED

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Penny off a pint fallacy…

Originally posted on Ben's white space entries:
I always thought that Chancellors were supposed to make the most of cuts whilst glossing over rises. Instead, George Osborne, managed to get a tax cut recognised at a quarter of its…

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Comment on Fair Tax Mark’s latest post

I simply had to post a comment on this. I’m not well and in a filthy mood, so I’m not sure how coherent it is, but this is my comment: In relation to your fourth point: Most of the people I … Continue reading

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Is the Fair Tax Mark mathematically sound this time?

The maths in the original Fair Tax Mark was unsound. In one line of the calculation an “average” (henceforth known as ‘Method B’ for reasons that will become apparent) was effectively calculated by the following formula: (Rate 1 + Rate 2 … Continue reading

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HMRC’s Bitcoin guidance

There appears to be a little confusion over what HMRC’s guidance on Bitcoin means. The most obvious thing to notice that it is a VAT Brief. So it is primarily aimed at stating what HMRC’s practice is for interpreting UK … Continue reading

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