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Hypocrisy? Surely not…

This is from Richard Murphy’s post which flounders in trying to reconcile Fair Tax Mark’s consideration of obtaining EIS relief for investors: But let me go back to Nick James’s point: whilst the law is as it is you sometimes have to … Continue reading

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A few comments on the TUC’s GAAR research

So, I got a little bit angry at reading the TUC’s research on the GAAR. The first thing that irked me was the TUCs claims about HMRC’s estimates of how much the GAAR will raise. Now, I would guess that the … Continue reading

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Starbucks tax avoidance: the story so far….

Starbucks is back in the news for having kept their promise to pay corporation tax. I’ve written quite a lot on this and I don’t think I pieced it together. So here goes… The first thing is that the discussions … Continue reading

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The PAC is just an echo chamber…

I feel I ought to be outraged about the Public Account Committee’s report on the role of the Big 4 accountancy firms in tax avoidance. For some reason I’m not. I think it’s just the inevitability of the outcome. The … Continue reading

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Random Starbucks rant

I haven’t had too much time recently so I’ve not blogged… But I saw this a little while back: The Tax Dodgers “database”. Of course, I had to have a read… Reading through the Starbucks bit I saw the same … Continue reading

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A not so good afterthought on the Starbucks story…

One of the things that stuck in my mind in the Starbucks press narrative was the superficial comparison of different companies that trade in the UK and the royalties they pay. Starbucks’ royalties were cited at 6%, whereas McDonalds and … Continue reading

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House of Lords evidence

I wasn’t going to bother publishing this here, but after today’s Public Accounts Committee session I changed my mind. Margaret Hodge has basically decided to ignore all the evidence provided by Troy Alstead from Starbucks and rely purely on rumours … Continue reading

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Starbucks Coffee Company (UK)Ltd: Graph showing accounting profit under UK GAAP and trade profits

Starbucks Coffee Company (UK) Ltd: PBT v trade profits NB 2008 includes a prior year adjustment of £10.3m which I think might relate to royalties from previous years. Royalties commenced in 2003 following the closure of the UK roasting plant … Continue reading

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Signing off on Starbucks for the year

It’s a busy time of the year what with Christmas events and the draft legislation for Finance Bill 2013 being published. Consequently, I’ve not had as much free time to review all of Starbucks accounts which I’ve scraped together from … Continue reading

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Starbucks 2007 – profitably taxable for HMRC

Yesterday I posted an excerpt from Starbucks Coffee Company (UK) Ltd’s accounts (Starbucks UK) showing that they were making taxable profits. I think it’s worth explaining a few points about this. The fact that Starbucks was described as profitable is … Continue reading

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