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… and some fantastic double counting…

In my earlier post, I suggested that there was some dodgy use of data in Richard Murphy’s latest report. On that theme, have a look at figures 26 and figures 26a of his report. It’s one of the first places I … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy? Surely not…

This is from Richard Murphy’s post which flounders in trying to reconcile Fair Tax Mark’s consideration of obtaining EIS relief for investors: But let me go back to Nick James’s point: whilst the law is as it is you sometimes have to … Continue reading

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Is the Ingenious Media case a reason to haul Edward Troup back to the PAC? Hardly

I really felt the need to comment on Richard Murphy’s views on the Ingenious Media decision in the High Court. Firstly, I appreciate that he is possibly trying to make a moral argument to his readers, rather than a legal … Continue reading

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One half of a conversation with Richard Murphy

This is my response to Richard Murphy’s latest comment: Richard, you are a riot! How you get an endorsement from that comment is beyond me. Especially when I am quite explicit in my response to Alex about what I agree with … Continue reading

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Starbucks tax avoidance: the story so far….

Starbucks is back in the news for having kept their promise to pay corporation tax. I’ve written quite a lot on this and I don’t think I pieced it together. So here goes… The first thing is that the discussions … Continue reading

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Fair Tax Mark? I really don’t think so…

I decided to have a bit of a look at the methodology behind the Fair Tax Mark today. I’ve only spent an hour looking at it but I have to say that it really isn’t very representative of… well… anything … Continue reading

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The PAC is just an echo chamber…

I feel I ought to be outraged about the Public Account Committee’s report on the role of the Big 4 accountancy firms in tax avoidance. For some reason I’m not. I think it’s just the inevitability of the outcome. The … Continue reading

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Starbucks tax unavoidance

I was having a read of Martin Hearson’s blog which links to my slightly deranged post about “surviving the witchhunt”… In my defence, I was in the third hour of being stuck on a train at the time of writing … Continue reading

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GAAR panel debate

I’ve read with interest a couple of opinions on the GAAR panel this week, mainly focusing on the make up of the interim panel. One of the opinions I read was from a certain tax enthusiast who was expressing dismay … Continue reading

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