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Arms length profit is fiction – an ignoratio elenchi?

Amongst my favourite theories in philosophy is what became known as┬áMeinong’s Jungle. It’s mainly that I like the name. The theory is principally used where metaphysics meets epistemology to ascribe facts concerning non-existent subjects. Yup, it’s a real useful theory … Continue reading

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A general criticism of unitary taxation

At the end of last week, I was trying to piece together what concerns me about unitary taxation. I was thinking about specifics and the detailed proposals that I’ve read in passing, mainly from Richard Murphy. Now, whilst I would … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on unitary taxation…

Here is a reply I started writing to a comment made by Christie Malry on Andrew Jackson’s blog… It got a bit long and off topic as I was also trying to capture some of my thoughts from a conversation … Continue reading

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